Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How to run a shell command in the background on windows

If you are dealing wih unix os you can run command in background merely adding & in shell:

sleep 2 &

Recently I did need this functionality as I was debugging a web application crashes on our live servers. Being in terminal session I run the adplus script to catch crashes for a specified process:

adplus -crash -p <pid>

The script attaches debugger to a process making the debugger monitor exceptions. It could take a long while till we catch anything. I needed to leave my terminal session unattended or forcibly close it to proceed my regular routines. An unattended or disconnected session can be logged out according to a policy set by administrator, but the running script stuck to my session.

Fortunately, windows users have the magic 'at' command that schedules commands at a specified time. So we can run our debugging script in the background just by passing it the scheduler:

at <time> cscript "<fullpath-to>\adplus.vbs" -quiet -crash -p <pid>

We need the -quiet option to skip initial dialog box the script shows when attaching a process. We use absolute path to the adplus because the current directory for the executing command is the systemroot folder. Our command will be executed under System user. It's enough for debugging. But be careful when you rely on this, e.g. when you connect to sql server using integrated security.

I set the time parameter a minute ahead and the task is appointed on today.

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